A Global Surfing and Sailing Expedition To Save the Coral Reefs

Thursday, April 29, 2004

April 28, Wednesday meeting

Marcelle and Rob in attendance

- Rob reported that ecosurf scout presentation went well on Thrusday, a good practice for future presentations.

- Rob and Marcelle are going to Dump and Run to promote ecosurf May 1.

- Rob will be making a presentation at Dartmouth Yatch club on June 3. Also graduating from 2 CPS boat courses that night.

- Rob will be taking VHS radio course May 10-13.

- Ordered new shirts from J and S print. Mistakes on red and light blue ones. Bought them anyway at 1/2 price. We will reorder the light blue shirts, with correct colours

- NSPRIG-DAL funding came through for ecosurf school awareness project ( $120 of the $2565 asked for)

- Contacted Reef Check and we are working with them doing Reef Check Survies, will have to go to California for
training. Have to remove GCRA from website text.

- crystal will start working with us for school project she will
1) Make a list of local companies for sponsorship.
2) Research compainies, making profiles of each.
3) Right letters for sponsorship packages.
4) We will all review sponsorship packages before sending
5) Send out packages when website and pamphlets are completed.

Marcelle and Danny will continue to get national and international sponsor information and research companies in preparation for the big sponsorship push. This will happen when the website and pamphlets are complete.

Marcelle make procedures for contacting companies that are potential sponsors.

The financial books of ecosurf were done by Rob and reviewed by Marcelle.

Waiting to hear from Steve on website and pamphlets, hope the move went well.

Waiting on Steph for PR project on EcoSurf.

The mission statement of ecosurf and the goals of ecosurf still need to be hammered out.

Need to start working on grant applications, looking for a boat and goals for the summer.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

April 28, 2004. Wednesday meeting

Rob and Marcelle in attendance.

Rob reported that scout presentation went well. Good trial for future presentations.

NSPRIG-DAL Funding that Rob and Marcelle applied for came through in part. $120 of the $2565 that was asked. Money for tapes for school awareness project.

J and S design T-shirts came in with mistakes on the red and light blue ones. We got half price on these. Also, they didn't have girls shirts in the olive. Total of 100 shirts and we are re-ordering 11 light blue shirts that were mistakes.

We are going to do the Dal dump and run on Saturday between 8:30am and 2pm to sell shirts and raise awareness.

Crystal will start working with us to help with sponsorship. We will get her to:
1. Make a list of local companies she can approach
2. Research the companies with relation to sponsorship
3. Compose letters to each company
4. Present info and letters to us to review
5. Design packages
6. Once pamphlets and website are redone, approach companies

Awaiting to hear from Steve, with information on website, pamphlets and video guy (school awareness project).

Scott Seamone is working on school project with t-shirts and advertisement.
planning photo shoot for web sales with Jenine and potential models.

Unable to get a hold of Steph for PR plan. Phone disconnected.

Marcelle and Dany will continue to get contact potential sponsors, getting contact information, and researching these companies. This is in preparation for the big sponsorship push once website and pamphlet are completed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Minutes from April 14th, 2004:

10 sold at the Market
Probable sales through Frozen Ocean (as long as they are aware we will be having other sponsors)
Sales at MSVU @ BBQ - April 26th

Missions Statement - What we aren't
Personalitiy Traits - what are our characteristics

Media Package: excellent job, needs to fix some details, good graphics

The idea(concept) of sustainable tourism as one of Ecosurf's goal.

Rob, Danielly, Marcelle and Steve

Start time: 7:30 pm
End time: 9:30 pm

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